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Japan off the beaten track SilverKris (April 2016)

It’s easy for Japan to feel familiar, but don’t settle for the same-old. I round up some hidden gems that will make this well-trodden destination feel anything but familiar.



The 5 best places to see sakura in Japan SilverKris (Jan 2016)

Want to enjoy spring the Japanese way? Head out between March and April — preferably with a packed picnic — for the great cherry-blossom party known as hanami. Japan has thousands of sakura spots, but these are five of the best.



AH-fall2015-coverSomething old, something new Austin HOME (Fall 2015)

In this cover story, I preview a property on the AIA Austin Homes Tour: a 107-year-old stunner with a clever, contemporary secret.



AH_FALL15_MixingtheOldWiththeNew-1Mixing the old with the new Austin HOME (Fall 2015)

A 1930s bungalow keeps its old school charm while getting a fresh makeover.




SilverKris-Oct2015Green is the new black Silver Kris Magazine (Oct 2015)

Big fashion labels are creating stylish products from renewable materials, which means friends of the earth have never looked better.



SilverKris-Sept20155 luxury wellness getaways around the world Silver Kris online (Sept 2015)

Wellness holidays are all about state-of-the-art treatments, star fitness trainers and healthy food that doesn’t taste like it.




Buying Without Regret Silver Kris Magazine (July 2015)

It’s easier to shop sustainably as stores reduce their waste in creative ways.




SilverKris-June2015Crowd Effort Silver Kris Magazine (June 2015)

Crowd funding sites like Kickstarter are helping green projects come to life. I do a summer round-up for my first EcoWatch column for Silver Kris Magazine.



Stem-guide copy2016 Science Technology Engineering and Medicine guide University of Sydney (May 2015)

What is STEM? Why is it important? Where can it take you? I put together a guide for prospective students at the University of Sydney. WARNING: 3 MB file.



Crazy-Ant-UTChink found in armor of invasive Crazy Ant University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences (May 2015)

If you think fire ants are annoying, meet the Crazy Ant, which can swarm to cover a dog in minutes. But UT scientists have just discovered the first pathogen known to kill the ant pest. I find out what this means for biological control. SCIENCE


AH_SUM15_CoverWater runs deep Austin HOME (Summer 2015)

In this cover story, I visit a jaw dropping lakeside home designed by Lake|Flato Architects, the firm that’s the last word in indoor-outdoor homes in Texas. Full stop.



60-69_SPACES_MASTER_SUM15.inddLife is a breezeway Austin HOME (Summer 2015)

It took 60 years for anybody to pluck up the courage to build a residence next to the infamous, party-central lake Austin cafe known as Ski Shores. This is the result.



Supercomputer-CNS-May-15Supercomputing deepens understanding of life University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences (May 2015)

Biology is having a Big Data moment. Here’s how life scientists at UT Austin are using high performance computers to make sense of the torrents of digital data now at their fingertips. (Video and story by me!)


SilverKris-DC-Night5 Reasons Washington DC Rocks at Night Silver Kris online (May 2015)

Lonely Planet just voted Cap City the #1 city to visit in 2015. Here’s why.



SilverKris-April-Flowers5 Great Places to see Spring Flowers Silver Kris (April 2015)

Want to know where you can see wildflowers in their millions? I scour the globe for floral festivities that will be worth your while.




AM_FEB15_Cover_LR-RGB-25f6778aWedding Special Austin Monthly (February 2015) *no online version

For Austin Monthly‘s biannual wedding special, I uncover the city’s best vendors across floral, cakes and venue.



HOME-spring-2015-coverA family affair Austin HOME (Spring 2015)

You know the Circuit of the Americas? Architect Juan Miro was the brains behind that. His family home is a more down to earth, but no less striking, affair.



SilverKris-ValentinesDay8 Unexpected Spots for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Silver Kris (February 2015)

Forget the Eiffel Tower and love locks bridges. Take your Valentine somewhere they’ll never forget. I search the world for  romantic destinations with a difference.



177KSFeb2015-Bonsai CoverA love affair with bonsai  Kansai Scene (January 2015) *no online version

He’s been called the “Brad Pitt of bonsai”, but Bjorn Bjorholm is much more gen Y than that. Meet the young American who is shaking up the ancient world of bonsai, tree by miniature tree.



UT-Darien-GapGraduate student leads field trip into the infamous Darien Gap The University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences (January 2015)

Four biologists from UT Austin lead an expedition into the remote, dangerous and singularly pristine rainforest in the Darien Gap.



Silver-Kris-City-Reports_OsakaOsaka City Guide Silver Kris Magazine (January 2015)

After living in Osaka for 18 months, I have fun putting together a city guide for Singapore Airlines on what to do, and where to eat and sleep.



TheConversation-mutualismIt takes two: how mutualisms evolve in a world of selfish genes The Conversation (November 2014)

An article co-written with UT biologist Dr Jordan on  mutualism in the light of evolution.



062_AH_WIN14-1smallDesigning Women Austin Home (Winter 2014)

A husband-and-wife marketing duo play to their strengths when they collaborate with a talented designer for their home.




064_AH_WIN14-1A Ranch Reimagined Austin Home (Winter 2014)

Prepare to be impressed by this innovative take on the traditional Texan ranch.




AM-Oct14-coverWedding Special Austin Monthly (October 2014) *no online version

For Austin Monthly‘s biannual wedding special, I interview four couples to hear how they made their special day stand out.



AHFall14_Feat-FifthTime'sACharm-1Fifth time’s a charm Austin HOME (Fall 2014)

Having built homes for luminaries including Lance Armstrong and Mac Brown, Michael Deane is Austin’s “builder to the stars”. He gives me a tour of his amazing family residence.



AHFall14_Outdoors_Xeriscape-1Natural selection Austin HOME (Fall 2014)

Imagine a lush, green garden that requires no watering…in Austin…in a stage 2 drought. I meet a landscape gardener who makes this fantasy a reality.



AHFall14_MySpaceThe non-glass house Austin HOME (Fall 2014)

Austin-based interior decorator Marc Cravotta gives me a lesson in decorating with kids in mind.




Kristi-Owen-coverThe accidental blogger Austin Woman (July 2014)

I speak to Kristi Owen to find out how a new year’s resolution four years ago led her to become one of Austin’s most successful bloggers.




SOHO-CoverThe proof is in the taste SO/HO (June 2014) *no online version

Since the “original db” was born in 2001, the gourmet burger has been on the rise. I find out who’s doing it best right now.




AHSum14_HG-ChefsKitchens-1Kitchen confidential Austin HOME (summer 2014)

I go into the home kitchens of Austin’s top chefs to find spaces that are simple and refreshingly gadget-free.




AH_SUM14_Cover.inddStyle in name and nature Austin HOME (summer 2014)

In this cover story, Austin’s “It” lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles, gives me a peek into her sophisticated yet laid-back home in Mount Bonnell.



30-53_AH_HG_MASTER_Sum14.inddInto the wild Austin HOME (summer 2014)

The Dripping Springs home of architect, Tim Brown, shows just what you can do with a bit of creativity, lots of planning and a deep understanding of the environment.



AW-April14-coverHolidays that help Austin Woman (April 2014)

Ecotourism and volunteer vacations are great in theory, but how do you know you are really making a positive difference? Two experts give their tips on how to do “good” travel properly.



AW-March2014-coverBest of the west Austin Woman (March 2014)

The Hill Country west of Austin is a food and wine-lover’s paradise.




AM-Feb14-coverFlower Power Austin Monthly (Feb 2014) *No online version

I interview Austin’s top florists to get the inside scoop on how soon-to-be brides and grooms can best plan for their wedding. Written for a biannual wedding special in Austin Monthly magazine.



House-of-earthy-delightsThe home of earthy delights Austin HOME (spring 2014)

In the historic neighbourhood of Clarksville, Austin architect and AIA Fellow, Miguel Rivera, restores an original bungalow and adds a modernist extension.



50-65_AH_SPACES_MASTER_SPR14.inddRemaking a classic Austin HOME (spring 2014)

Austin architect, Tim Brown, creates a contemporary home with roots in folk Victorian design.




22-45_AH_HG_MASTER_SPR14_FINAL.inddSibling revelry Austin HOME (spring 2014)

Out of their home garage in Austin, French sisters have started crafting eco-friendly decor pieces out of reclaimed wood and steel.




Uji-edibleSA-smallThe art of tea edible San Antonio (December 2013) *no online version

In this story, I visit Japan’s unofficial tea capital to learn the secret art of tea.



Matcha-Jetstar-smallMatcha magic Jetstar Magazine (November 2013) *no online version

Matcha is the most exquisite of all green teas, and one company in particular is known for making the finest of all.



Best-gelato-smallGet the scoop Kansai Scene (August 2013)

In the thick of Kansai’s brutal summer, I round up the best gelaterias in town.




The-perfect-anti-excess-smallThe perfect anti-excess menu Kansai Scene (January 2013)

The macrobiotic diet might have started in Japan, but the country’s second largest city has surprisingly little on offer. I review one of Osaka’s only macrobiotic restaurants.



Secret-croc-paradise-smallSecret crocodile paradise Wildlife Secrets (December 2012) *no online version

Australia’s largest man-made lake is also home to the biggest population of freshwater crocodiles.



Ancient-therapy-Dec-2012-smallAncient therapy Jetstar Magazine (December 2012)

A world heritage-listed site has relaxation down to a 1000-year old art.




Arima-onsen-smallMake it an Arima day Kansai Scene (December 2012)

A town built around the business of hot springs (fancy a hot spring soda?) makes a darn fine day trip from Kobe.




Plastic-fantastic-smallPlastic fantastic Kansai Scene (November 2012)

Plastic food is big business in Japan, and Osaka is the unquestionable epicentre of this unique art.




Feeding-an-obsession-smallFeeding an obsession Kansai Scene (November 2012)

Ramen, the ultimate in Asian fast food, has a cult following in Japan. I spend one day as a ramen addict to find out what it’s all about.




History-on-a-plate-smallHistory on a plate Kansai Scene (December 2012)

In the ancient capital of Kyoto, I discover a gem of a cafe housed in a former Japanese bath house.




Shinsaibashi-gourmet-getaways-smallShinsaibashi’s gourmet getaways: Bistrot D’Anjou; Viento; Axum; Marimba Café Kansai Scene (October 2012)

The neon, carnival-like zone of Shinsaibashi is tourist central in Osaka. For locals, it can sometimes be hard to know where to eat. Here are five gems well and truly under the radar.



Gunnedah-koalaGunnedah may hold key to reversing koala decline Australian Geographic (June 2012)

A small town in north-west NSW, Australia, is home to the only growing population of koalas in the state. Find out why.



Park-full-of-fish-smallPark full of fish Kansai Scene (June, 2012)

Nestled in a mountainous region, Kyoto isn’t the first place you’d expect to find an aquarium. But the world heritage-listed city’s first establishment of this kind is still a great day out for the family.



AlgaeAlgal blooms: a colourful danger Australian Geographic (April, 2012)

Late summer is bloom season in Australian waterways. This story looks at what we know after years of studying them, and what, if anything, we can do to prevent them.




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