231090_10150163731347143_500212142_7173545_8359716_n Hi there, welcome to my site. I’m a writer and communicator who loves to tell stories about our weird and wonderful world.

When it comes to writing, my topics are broad–including food, travel, science and design. I’ve written stories for magazines including Australian Geographic, edible, and Austin Monthly. And, I’m a regular contributor to Austin HOME and Singapore Airlines’ award-winning magazine Silver Kris. I’ve also been editor of the only English-language magazine in Kansai, Japan–Kansai Scene.

If you’re still with me and would like to read any of the above stories, and more, feel free to check out my writing or video portfolio.

Because of my science background, I’m also just as passionate about communicating science clearly and effectively. I have held communication positions in science institutions including the Powerhouse Museum and the University of Sydney, where I worked as media officer, editor, events manager and education officer. I also currently work as freelance science copy editor for biology manuscripts written by non-English speaking scientists.

In my distant past, I fulfilled my childhood dream of working with animals by completing a Zoology degree at the University of Sydney. Although I sometimes miss catching sea snakes in the warm waters of New Caledonia, or fishing for lizards in the Australian desert, I still occasionally get to tag along on trips to harass fish with my biologist husband.

I’m now based in Konstanz, Germany.

Feel free to email me at carlaavolio [at] gmail [dot] com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Carla!
    I saw your recent article in the Austin Home magazine on the Xeriscape/Westlake property and wanted to share an idea I’ve had for quite awhile to do a story based on my own backyard! Background is my partner and I moved to Austin about 7 yrs ago and built a house in SW Austin. Premise of story would be how one can create an “outdoor oasis” while living in the middle of the burbs! I’d be happy to share more if you’re interested. Let me know!
    Thanks! Jeremy Porche

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